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Our Story 
The founders of Deep Six are two serving Royal Marines Commandos. 
The Royal Marines Commandos are the elite amphibious forces of the United Kingdom. Known for their rigorous training and versatility, they excel in various roles. 
Their motto, "Per Mare, Per Terram," translates to "By Sea, By Land," reflecting their ability to operate in diverse environments.
Deep Six’s Mission:
To craft a stylish, affordable British maritime brand, seamlessly blending shore, high-seas attire with a commando edge, designed to resonate with the adventurous spirit within the maritime community.
As quoted by @bootneck_to_english_dictionary
Deep six
To drop into the sea. Derives from an old rule from the age of sail where, if deliberately making something very difficult to recover, it had to be dropped to a depth of no less than six fathoms (it sounds a lot deeper than it is. It’s the equivalent of 36 feet or just under 11 meters). The depth was measured back then by lowering a “sounding line” but today it is far more common to use echo sounders.
Logo Story 
Inspired by centuries of maritime heritage, our logo combines the fortitude of a Commando Dagger with the sleekness of a Boat and the power of a Trident. This emblem represents our unwavering commitment to protection, our maritime prowess and our deep connection to the sea. It's a symbol of unity, strength, and our lasting heritage as protectors of the shoreline.

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